For finger stick* whole blood:

1. Clean the fingertip to be punctured with an alcohol pad. Allow to dry completely.

2. Using a sterile safety lancet, puncture the surface near the center of the fingertip. Apply gentle pressure around the point of the puncture. If blood specimen is inadequate, gently massage at the finger’s base to encourage sufficient blood flow.

3. Holding the pipette horizontally, touch the tip of the blood droplet with the enclosed, disposable pipette to fill 20µl of blood from fingertip. (Do not squeeze the pipette tube.).


*Finger stick whole blood must be tested immediately after collection.

For venous whole blood, serum and plasma:

1. Use standard phlebotomy procedures to collect venipuncture whole blood, serum and plasma specimen.  For plasma specimen, use common anticoagulant, EDTA, Heparin or Sodium Citrate. Other anticoagulants have not been validated and may cause a false result.

2. Specimens that will not be tested immediately can be kept at 2° – 8°C for 7 days. 3. Do not freeze whole blood specimen